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Who We Are

Mike Rathke and Paul DesJardien owners of studio 23 in Olympia, Washington studio23 metalworks is a custom metal fabrication and design shop, operated by Mike Rathke and Paul DesJardien. Mike is a trained welder and skilled at all things mechanical. Paul has a background in design and also worked periodically as a fabricator for Jonathan Barnett.

Mike & Paul have been collaborating on various projects together for almost 25 years. At studio23 metalworks they have focused their attention to the creation of handcrafted architectural metal work and furniture.


Our Approach

Our philosophy is straightforward:

Creativity + Craftsmanship + Customer Service

The challenge of solving design problems makes collaboration with our clients central to our approach. Helping a client transform a design idea to a finished piece is a significant part of the value we offer and also of the satisfaction we derive from the work. Our flexible and inventive style allows us to regularly assist clients adapt to the changing needs of complicated construction projects.

We care about the quality of the products we produce and use solid design principles and sound fabrication techniques. We are detail-oriented and have high standards for the finished product. The end product will meet your specifications, function as promised, and be built to last.

Communication with our clients is the foundation of the relationship. A phone call or email starts the dialogue. We strive to be timely in our response and we are candid about our capabilities, offer realistic production schedules and reliable cost estimates. We provide a detailed proposal with precision scaled renderings for approval prior to fabrication. You will know in advance what you are going to get, when it will be done, and how much it is going to cost.


Mike Rathke and Paul DesJardien work on custom design for studio23 client