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cable railing for custom modern home in West Seattle stainless steel cone for modern kitchen counter custom design and fabrication of interior railing from metal for remodel custom architectural steel for law office interior metal handrail for custom vashon home
curved metal railing for tacoma home modern steel table with fused glass from BAKU contemporary plasma cut art on steel privacy wall for waterfront home hand made steel table with fused glass for BAKU Contemporary handmade steel curved handrail with patina
Metal light sculpture for architect Detail of steel handrail Steel sign for KAOS community radio wrought iron railing for tacoma home custom patina on steel handrail with stainless steel cable for Artisans Group
fireplace surround for modern condominium modern steel railings for interior custom steel fabrication of sign for Hallway Gallery in Bellevue contemporary steel furniture custom metal fabrication for BAKU Contemporary

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